Connecting to MediaTemple SVN with Subclipse

For those of you using MediaTemple’s GridServer, you may or may not know that you have the ability to create your own SVN repository. This is a really nice feature to have, as it allows you to have source control over your personal projects (if you’re not doing this, you should really consider it). You can find instructions on how to setup your SVN repository on MediaTempl here:

Once you have your repository all setup, the next step is getting your projects into source control. If you’re using FlexBuilder to build your applications (either Actionscript or Flex/AIR based), you will want to install a plugin called subclipse. Subclipse is a plugin for Eclipse that provides support for Subversion within the Eclipse IDE (basically allowing you to do things such as commit, update, and checkout projects from your repository from a nice gui within FlexBuilder). You can find instructions on installing Subclipse on their website:

With Subclipse installed, you only have a few more tweaks that you need to allow you to connect to your repository on MediaTemple (the tweaks are required since MediaTemple does not support standard http url’s and instead requires that you connect to your repository over ssh). Luckily for us, Keith Peters over at Bit-101 has written a very nice tutorial on how to get this all working.

That’s it! Now you have no reason not to be using source control, unless of course you aren’t using MediaTempl …

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  1. check out subversive if you want to be able to commit your deploy folders

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